I am an illustrator and comic-maker, living in Dublin 9.  I am the creator of a long form comic called REMORSE, a 24 pager called The Yellow Planet, and a short comic called I fear, all of which are available here. (Remorse and The Yellow Planet are also for sale on Comixology.) Recent collaborations include art for a story called Gone in Kerrie Smith’s anthology Girls Like You and a story called The Comfort Inn in the upcoming anthology Duality from Stray Lines. I am co-founder of The Comics Lab, a monthly meet-up which explores story-telling in sequential formats, under the umbrella of the comics collective Stray Lines.  In recent months, I’ve live-sketched Lingo, the spoken word festival, The Liquor Rooms party, the AERO SMBC Christmas party and this January, NTMA‘s brainstorming session. This September, as part of a trio of Stray Lines artists, I am going to Helsinki Comics Festival to perform comics live – an exciting new avenue for us to explore.

I am a member of Illustrator’s Ireland and a panelist on the Dublin City Council artists’ panel.

Here’s some recent work: