I am an illustrator and comic-maker, living in Dublin 9.  I am the creator of a long form comic called REMORSE, and a short comic called I fear/I love, and the curator of an anthology called War Chest, which are available here. (Remorse and a 24 pager The Yellow Planet are also on Comixology.) Recent projects include a story called Heirloom which I read live in Kilkenny Animated in February. I am co-founder of The Comics Lab, a quarterly meet-up, (now happening at DECAF) which explores story-telling in sequential formats; this is also brought to you by Stray Lines.

This year I am taking part in more live comics readings, first in March at OFFSET, (Yellow stage on Sun 25th at 11:00) next at the Alliance Française Comic Book Festival in May, where I’ll also be chairing a roundtable. I am on the board of Illustrators Ireland, a member of the Association of Illustrators and a panelist on the Dublin City Council artists’ panel. My twitter is here and my instagram is here. Emails welcome – talk to me here.

Here’s some recent work: