I am an illustrator and comic-maker, living in Dublin 9.  I am the creator of a long form comic called REMORSE, and a short comic called I fear/I love, and the curator of an anthology called War Chest, which are available here. (Remorse and a 24 pager The Yellow Planet are also for sale on Comixology.) Recent projects include a story called The Comfort Inn in the  anthology Duality from Stray Lines, the comics collective. I am co-founder of The Comics Lab, a quarterly meet-up, (now happening at DECAF) which explores story-telling in sequential formats; this is also brought to you by Stray Lines.

This year I am taking part in a series of live comics readings, first in March at the Alliance Française, next at the ILFD, last May, at Garter Lane in Waterford in June, and at the Red Line in October. My Stray Lines comrade and I continue to think of new ways to bring comics to new audiences.. more on this, soon.

I am a member of Illustrators Ireland and the Association of Illustrators and a panelist on the Dublin City Council artists’ panel.

Here’s some recent work: