Well, this departs somewhat from the purpose of this blog, which was meant to be about drawing, wasn’t it. But I have joined a choir. I thought it would be Good For Me. Ah. What a familiar phrase. It’ll be written on my gravestone. I thought it’d be good for me to be an absolute beginner, like people in my drawing classes.

Be a lion-tamer, I say to them. (They’d be disappointed if I wasn’t a bit eccentric, after all. In the great tradition of art teachers everywhere.) Go for it, JUST DRAW. Turn off your brain. Trust me. JUSTDRAW.

I really didn’t know what I was doing, but, yeah, that was the point. It was really absorbing and enjoyable all the same. We are doing this rousing South African Freedom Song: On earth an army is marching.

On earth an army is marching, we’re going home/ Our longing bears a song, so sing out strong.

Then we cycled home through the park in the gathering darkness.