Rivane Neuenshwander

During the week my friend, the famous artist, Ros Murray and I went to the IMMA to hear Rivane Neuenschwander talk about her current show, A Day Like Any Other. Neuenschwander is the instinctive master of the instantly apprehended image: the fragility of the soap bubble, the coloured ribbons you exchange for a wish, the objects created by strangers at cafe tables. Afterwards, Ros and I spoke to her briefly at the reception. Time was, this was the kind of thing that used to make me curl up like a pretzel in embarrassment, but now, I don’t know – I find it helps to focus on being curious. Everyone has a story to tell, and that is a better starting point. We talked about the space created for artists by a recession, and she very graciously took her leave of us and went to do whatever mysterious things a well-known, mid-career artist does when in a foreign city on tour. (Ordering room service like Elvis, I like to think.)

I have my red ribbon, as exchanged for my wish: I WISH TO REMAIN CURIOUS, it says.