comic in a box

Today the stars are aligned like this:
comic_in_a_box emperor's new clothes

The excellent MART are opening their newly refurbed and amazing fire station this evening with this show.

My piece is a sort of convergence between the comic format and fine art convention: yes, I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Rather than trying to straddle the gap between comic world and fine art, I’ve explored the possibility of putting the two together in this piece. So, the story is told in various ways, in the two flipbooks, the cardboard model of the hill, the wind-up light and the zine. It’s been an expansive new way of thinking about it for me, and I am very interested to see what new directions might open up on foot of this.

And, coincidentally, the fairytale I finished in April is out today in the Irish Daily Mail – I really enjoy these, and this one was replete with possibilities for social comment. (Please note the Puritan portrait in the background on the cover. Heh.) Good times, folks.