Ah yes. Another invitation dropped through my metaphorical postbox! I am making it sound like I do nothing but lie around on a chaise longue having invites from people delivered to me on a red velvet cushion by my butler. No, more’s the pity. You just can’t get the help these days, I find.

BEING THAT AS IT MAY, my colleague Sarah Bowie and I were most pleased and excited to be asked to deliver a comics workshop to the Illustration students in my old alma mater Ballyfermot College of Further Education. The place smells just the same, I must say; it appeared to have actually been frozen in time. Even my old teacher of Layout Mark Byrne was in the staffroom, as if since 1998. The head of illustration, the wonderful Margaret Anne Suggs, (a well known person in the illustration industry herself, someone who really gets things done, is collaborative, a dynamic exchanger, so positive. Much respect.) is doing amazing work with the students. Very impressed with them.
We covered a lot, and the class were so willing to get on board with my schemes and exercises; very touchingly they gave me a clap at the end.  Keep going, class of 2016. You’ll go far.

See you out there!