The Mart Market Saturday went off in rewarding fashion, to my relief. It did have a mildly uncomfortable blind date vibe about it at the beginning, (to me, at least) but plenty of stallholders’ camaraderie (MART people are NICE) and, most importantly the motion was carried: People Do Like Cartoons, bless them. That is, people who do like cartoons, a sizable enough segment of the population, really, really like them. I sold practically everything, which was wonderful – the idea of dragging all those frames back home didn’t exactly fill the ould heart with unalloyed joy.

I now have Plans for Taking Over the World, by means of cat and dog cartoons. For the moment, I put a couple of them on Etsy, here.

In other comic news, I forgot to link to the excellent drawing from Absentia that Cecilia Latella did for me. Well, I’ll be jiggered, as my father would say. It’s that good!