Dublin Comic Jam

I’ve been meaning to go to the Dublin Comic Jam monthly meeting for ages; I finally did, and I am so glad.

These people are like me! It was like that David Sedaris short story in which, he a “fastidious dresser in 50’s clothing” meets another fastidious dresser of that epoque and exclaims “You’re one of me!”

Fantastic-ness. We complained and exulted over the same things! Social isolation, the creative process, deadlines! When to have a nap during the day! And! We drew panels of some very rude cartoons!

It was fun. It is nice to go out and meet your people, especially when you work alone in a shed/room/at home, which is (see above) yet ANOTHER thing they understand. I won’t embarrass the lovely people by listing them here, but I WILL embarrass them by following them on tumblr. That’ll teach them.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also have subscribed to this, which has already provided me with Ken Mahon’s really good comic book. And! A free copy of BUZZ, the comic created by the kids of the Central Modal School, Philip Barrett and Fintan Taite with Oonagh Young. Which is really, really good.

I have now run out of superlatives. Time for a nap.