enforced inactivity

View from hotel room

Drupal people are so nice. None of that guff you get like a stream of code out of some programmers:

echo $he->greet(); // prints “Dude, I can’t believe you haven’t heard of GIT or SVN. BUB-bye.”
echo ‘

Or anything at all like that.

I had indeed been having some – uh – issues with Drupal of late. It’s been a rocky start, but if Alan and Mike’s patient explanation at Drupal Camp last weekend of how to back up and migrate or Conor’s of how to configure permissions on the server don’t sink in, it won’t be their fault, that is for sure. Everyone was so helpful and generous with their time. It was enlightening and fun, and there was that rare friendly group synergy that you get with people who have no interest in being competitive or adhering to a hierarchy. The Heather’s open space method worked really well – everyone got a chance to address his or her specific question. Great stuff. Many thanks to all involved.

I have always found long periods of forced inactivity, like when you are enclosed in a car for a time, or whiling away a few hours in a hotel lobby, are excellent for inspiration. On the way home, driving through Armagh, Lisa and I came up with (what in my humble opinion is) a great idea for this call for entries. More on this later. (Not too much later, however, since it has to be in by 28th, also known as this Friday. Gah.)

Boredom itself is weirdly the best motivator – there’s nothing like the rising level of frustration with a lack of stimulation to make you fall back on your own resources. As in: PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE, JUST MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN, I AM DYING HERE, OH GAWD I AM GOING TO HAVE TO DO IT MYSELF.

Maybe I need to lock myself in a cell on a regular basis. Hmm. Interesting. Or boring, I mean.