Five Lamps Festival

That all went well. Phew. A big thank you to Martin Leen, and Alison Pilkington, for their well-considered curation of the show, and, most of all, for their calm helpfulness.

It was so good to see my erstwhile classmate Ivan and Ciara, (co-founder of the brilliant Mart) and finally meet Matthew in the flesh, as opposed to telephonically, as a disembodied voice. Matthew exists in the time/space continuum as a three-dimensional form, I can now report.

The first of our workshops went off well, too. Our guest scientist, Brendan Sayers, Glasshouse Foreman, talked in the most engaging fashion about orchids, the fascinatingly intricate, well-adapted and varied plant family. And although, yes, we have entered a new Ice Age, in the Orchid House and the Palm House we were enveloped in warmth, and miraculously the sun slanted in and lit us up as the morning went on.

Anne and I have more Plans. We’re going to extend the reach of The Drawing Workshop to.. infinity and beyond! No, wait – just globally, for the moment. I am interested in the idea that you can instil a good habit in three weeks, so we’re going to devise a three week Make A Habit of Drawing online course that anyone can follow with video tutorials. You sign up for three weeks, free, and follow the schedule – perhaps scanning and sharing your drawings online over that time. Like the Couch to 5K programme, (which worked for me! Also, presumably, for others.) but for artists.

More on this later.