The thing the novel form is best at doing is showing point of view, do you agree? That capacity it has to put you inside another person’s head. If you read a first person narrative, you have bias, you have sympathy, you are involved, you care. And radio has that very particular intimacy – it puts that voice in your ear, accompanying you through your day, as you make your tea, as you iron your shirts, in your car. Music is for pure emotion, and film has that grandeur. And there’s nothing like comics for creating a world – that way of demarcating a unique space into which you can step.

In the end, they are all about that live wire that runs from the creator to you, I think. That copper wire, that line, the ping, the mark, the sound, the feeling: that proves you are not alone. This awful, brilliant and hilarious stream of human experience is a shared one.

My friend the famous artist and I were mulling over this today at lunch. She has great plans afoot to make a sort of visual book of her work, using these forms. I can’t wait, Ros. For my part, I resolve – eh, again – to give myself a deadline. Please! No eye-rolling. I am going to do the drawing diary, one a day. And a comic (*girding loins, (wo)manfully*), one a month.

Happy 2012 all who happen here. May it be good to you.