Happy New Year

And sorry for neglecting you, blog. It’s been busy, you see. I’ve been working on REMORSE, still and again, now and seemingly forever and FINALLY FINALLY am on the FINAL part.  It was so nice to thumbnail out the final pages, over Christmas, and tie together all the loose ends. It’s been a.. while, shall we say. It’s been a constant, mostly well-behaved companion for two years and I might even be a little bit mournful to finish it.
Page 53

Still! Tempus is fuggiting, like it will, and I have plans for this year. Book proposal plans! The kernel of idea must still have life breathed into it, but I already love it.  Then woe betide all the publishers in the World who have ever invited proposals, for it will be landing on their doormats soon after. Or popping into their email programmes, though that is quite a bit less romantic.

Onward folks. Onward to London, next week, first to attend this very interesting masterclass with Karrie Fransman.. which is in London, a favourite city. Admittedly I am someone who’d get excited about a trip on the DART to Bray, but this is VERY EXCITING.

Happy New Year, anyone who passes this way! I wish you all the best.