Ira Glass

I love Ira Glass. I mean, I love Ira Glass. No, you don’t understand, I LOVE Ira Glass, ever since I first lived in the USA, in a rickety flat that backed onto a Chinese restaurant, and had but a loaned AM radio for entertainment AND company. I was far from home. I knew no one. But in New Jersey, on the shore, you can get WNYC. WNYC! Swoon! The rational voice of America! And, on Sunday afternoon, A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, and, as if that wasn’t enough This American Life presented by Ira. And here he is, years later, talking in avuncular, kindly fashion about creative skill, and it’s like he’s talking to me.
Need I say, he’s right. Of course. There is a long period of time when you are learning your craft – 10,000 hours? Maybe. – where what you want it to be and what it is, are sadly at odds.