Launch of Duality

Last Tuesday we put on a bit of a special Comics Lab for Halloe’en, to mark the launch of Issue 2 of the Stray Lines anthology, Duality. The fantastic Elida Maiques performed her story War Inside and the wonderful Katherine Foyle did a brilliant comic review/performance – a story inside a story – such a clever story mechanism.  MOAR PLEASE, you two.

At risk of gushing like burst pipe, I actually am so grateful to these two for being ready and willing to jump in and entertain us. It was a great evening: wonderful to see all my comics friends, including the recently returned Luke Healy, (who has been persuaded to talk at the next lab, ahah). We even had a visit from the press – my only regret being not clarifying that Paddy Lynch is also a co-founder of the Lab [Boo, me. Too easily distracted – I can only think I saw something shiny?]

Onward and upward! We have plans. [Insert dark cackle]. PLANS.