More diary entries

Per my New Year’s resolution I have been drawing in my sketchbook every day. It’s an interesting exercise – warming up the eye, switching off the head. I don’t worry about making nice drawings, I make it about trying to understand the subject. Mostly these are people – strangers, friends, people on the telly, one after another in these two or three sketchbooks which read like some sort of strange, abstract narrative. I am hoping this understanding will (somehow, magically) get absorbed into a mental catalogue to make drawing characters out of my head, rather than from reference, more convincing.

[Time for a rambling aside: I find the idea that we humans seek meaning in everything we see endlessly fascinating. We are always trying to understand, to make connections, to make neat stories that we can use to comprehend. Like those two drawings – the woman with the hair, the hug and the words “But what does Siobhan make of all this?” were not connected, I drew the woman, was reminded of a phrase I overhead on the street, and much later drew the hug off the telly. But when I look back at it, I can’t help but read it as a sequence. Maybe it’s just me, of course.] [*Looks around nervously.*]