More from the drawing diary


I’ve been enjoying the daily drawing diary, even on the days where I forget and have to freeze the TV and scrawl something quickly at 11pm. As it turns out, even that’s a helpful approach, I think, because it forces you to work within the 4:3 ratio confines. Confines are good. Ah, if I was cleverer I could remember that quote of da Vinci’s about art depending on constraints. However! Luckily some bright spark invented the internet for this very purpose: a convenient external memory for the prematurely senile, like me. Hurray:

Art lives from constraints and dies from freedom.

You got it, Leonardo. It’s a subject of endless fascination to me that one drawing is just a drawing. Two exist in contrast to each other. Three? Three are a story. You’re automatically drawn to make sense of a sequence of drawings, to infer meaning, consequence and context, where perhaps none even exist. We humans are, at every level, always seeking meaning.

I am working on the premise that if you draw enough human faces, eventually a sort of muscle-memory understanding of how they are is accumulated in your mind, which you can call on later. We’ll see – it worked with all those ponies I drew in me yoof.