NYC reboot


We were in New York City last week. It was its usual 24hour self, and we stayed in midtown which feels very significant, somehow, like the centre of something. I still love it – I used to spend every possible moment there when I was working in O’Plenty Animation some years ago, but it is easy when away from it to edit out the heat and noise – the sheer wall of noise that it is, it’s like a physical thing.

I got around. To the High Line, to the Guggenheim, to the Neue Galerie [Klimt! Now I’ve seen you in the flesh, so to speak, I appreciate you so much more! That layered gold in his paintings just doesn’t work in reproduction. I mean this one, in particular: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. It’s so, so lustrous when it’s in front of you.]
To the Eyebeam, to many restaurants, to the Amish market, to Broadway to see Other Desert Cities [Stockard Channing! Flipping brilliant.] and downtown to Spring St.

Great, great place.

Now I am back in my shed, and I feel a project coming on. I need to nail down a workable style so I can get rid of these stories tugging on my psyche, like monkeys on my back but less damaging to my health. Presumably.

This is good. I like this bit.