Specimen and new plans for the Comics Lab

The launch of Specimen at last month’s Comics Lab was so much fun. The labbers are great people, I tell you, great. So collaborative, generous and creative.

The online version will be – erm, you know – online soon; in the meantime, we are posting out the last few printed copies. If you want one, drop us a line at thecomicslab@gmail.com, for a mere 4 of your earth euros.

Thanks to Alan Dunne for the great photos of the night. More here..

We’ve created a lovely comics community in the lab, thanks to all who come and make it so, but now is the time to look outward and work on finding our audience. So for this year, we are going quarterly for the labs and plan to go a bit bigger and more outward-looking for those. We want to use those four labs to create channels to get our work out to print in more mainstream media, and make them work as deadlines too. THAT’S THE PLAN, anyway. Work is on-going in the background.

Till soon, everyone. Happy New Year.