..is everything. Coming from the 4:3 format medium of animation, where it’s one time-based image at a time, I have needed to reconfigure my thinking when it comes to timing in comics, where it is space that represents time.¬†So I knocked together this comic,¬†where (Uh. I did warn you) nothing happens, in the nature of an experiment. Every moment is stretched to the maximum, like I want to see where it breaks. It seemed a good idea to make a mobile-ready version of these comics, by breaking the pages into single frames – sort of a cross between animation and comics. There is an issue with registration – these images are rough, and it’s a bit distracting to see the frame move every time you move on. You lose the timing that paneling gives, and the (theoretic) aesthetic pleasure of poring over the page – but the reader can flick through the images at his or her own pace and potentially, I suppose, be on the Amtrak to Penn Station as he or she reads. Or on the Red Setter to Athy, come to that.

ANYWAY. An experiment.

Further warning: There will be more comics about this cat. She took up her post in the garden some months ago, crouching under the rhubarb, apparently all-innocent, as she operated her remote brainwashing skills to enslave me. Even now, as I type, she has commandeered the better chair in my studio and may indeed be plotting to feast on my organs unless I prove myself indispensable to her in some way.

I don’t know how any of this happened.

Her name is PSYCHO-Kitty.