Telly drawing

I disagree with all that snooty art college talk about not using photo reference to draw. It does depends how you do it, of course. No point doing something photorealistic – that is the realm of – you know – photos, but to use it to study poses or freeze action on the telly so you can see how it happens: All Very Useful.
There exist many Calvinist ideas about how work must be hard to be pure – you must stay up all night scratching away with a nib by the light of a candle, for it to be real work. Some of that is useful: the persistence bit. Some just makes you tired before you even begin, does not inspire, encourages perfectionism.

We can keep whatever is useful of that. And some of the WORK SMARDER stuff, too. Use what you can, be a magpie, keep moving on, learn from your mistakes, realise you are not your work.