Trip to Helsinki Comics Festival

Stray Lines (Alan Dunne, Elida Maiques and me) went to Helsinki Comics Festival 2016 last weekend; a blur of comics action under the vast, bright Helsinki sky. What a beautiful, orderly place – isn’t travel just so good for the mind? It’s essential to look at new things and consider different ways of doing things; to review your own assumptions.

We met a lot of fascinating people, admired a lot of uber-cool comics, and our performance of our comics on Sunday went really well (thanks to Helsinki library technical support). I think it’ll take me a long time to absorb all the details and process it all, so much happened in those three days. It was certainly useful for us to compare notes, to represent Irish indie comics abroad and see how we did alongside all the other creators, who come from a different, longer-standing tradition than ours.

It is fortifying to have the support and stamp of approval of Culture Ireland for our work in this powerful and beautiful medium, to be able to show what you can do with it, that it has a scope that goes way beyond capes and tights*. Because of their funding, we were able to tell our stories in our voice, in a way that has not been done before.

So now to more plans of live comics performances – to share our work in this very accessible and entertaining new way. To infinity and beyond, no less!

THANK YOU HELSINKI COMICS FESTIVAL, CULTURE IRELAND and my brilliant, generous and hilarious colleagues, Alan and Elida.

(*Not that there’s anything wrong with those! I love a man in tights, me.)