wheel spin

Like the exact opposite of a swan paddling, all serenity above and power below, I am all frantic spin and no progress, or so it seems. Too many balls in the air, just to mix metaphors a bit more. But there’s a Quaker expression: Proceed when the way is open. Okay, so let’s do that, then.

The Sunday Club (for young people living with disabilities) and I have been making stop-motion films, on Sundays, (unsurprisingly), in Donnybrook. These people, let me tell you, are great. The more wicked the slagging, the happier they are. The more outrageous the gossip, the better they like it. GREAT people.

And because I can’t show you any of their photos, here is one Alan took of me, in which I look like I am being held up by a clown with a BANG flag gun. I like it, I think it captures The Club Spirit.

Thank you, Alan.