workshops and collaborative drawing

If you were ever feeling creatively jaded and uninspired, I’d have the cure for you: drawing with kids and teens – they have so much to teach us groan-ups. I was down to Waterford to run a workshop with my fab partner-in-comics Sarah Bowie  as part of SprOg festival there, facilitated by Aoibhie in the lovely environs of the Garter Lane Arts Centre. So fun! Thank you, Aoibhie and the artists! You were great, so enthusiastic and focused.

Nathan O’Donnell and I were lucky enough to run a Children’s Art in Libraries course last week too – these kids are flipping brillo, I tell you! I’m particularly enjoying the discovery of collaborative drawing on a huge roll of paper – a thing we (in the guise of The Comics Lab this time (I have many heads)) tried out for the first time at DECAF last month. I was so impressed by the people who faced down the blank page and made such amazing panels for the story.

Photographic evidence from July’s DECAF: