Here is a self-portrait for the fly leaf of REMORSE. Is it called a flyleaf? Doesn’t sound quite right. Flyleaf?

Adam Driver

Just catching up on Girls today. During the day, gasp, but it was for Work Purposes, you see. Tried to draw Hannah and Adam – the one of Adam was the more successful. Lena Dunham looked like A Generic Woman.  I do enjoy a portrait and this is painted digitally which is such an easy technique, …


Ah, my extremely lovely prints by Sarah Bowie (below) and Phil Barrett (eh.. belower), as snagged at the Dublin Zine Fair, are now keeping me excellent company at home. They make me feel happy.

Missed Connections

This is a short story written at the ACA residency with our master artist, Svetlana Chmakova,The Graphic Novel in 2010 called Missed Connections.


The Mart Market Saturday went off in rewarding fashion, to my relief. It did have a mildly uncomfortable blind date vibe about it at the beginning, (to me, at least) but plenty of stallholders’ camaraderie (MART people are NICE) and, most importantly the motion was carried: People Do Like Cartoons, bless them. That is, people …