It’s been an up and down year, for sure, what with e v e r y t h i n g, but I’ve had a lot of luck, professionally. I am so grateful for all the support 2021 brought. Ghosting won a whole (unbelievable!) slew of awards in the ICN Awards, by vote, proving forever …

Deconstructing Comics Podcast

Listen to us talking about life, fame, being fulfilled, being “ordinary”, being a blow-in, what makes people love you and comics a bit too. Great ramble chat, thank you Emmet! ^_^

interview with Leslie Tate

One of the most rewarding things about this hermitty artist’s life is to make connections with other writers and creators so I was very chuffed to be interviewed by Leslie Tate earlier this year. It happened a few months ago, and enough time has passed for me to have forgotten what I wrote so reading …

Mná Mná: 10 Irish women making a stir

Thank you to Anna Carey for adding Sarah and me to her list of Mná! A very nice surprise of a Saturday morning and what an honour to be listed alongside those amazing women. ^_^

The luck of me

Thank you, 2018: Apparently I still have a lot to say about comics. I went yakkedy yak on four Podcasts/radio shows (Altering, Who Does That? (for Dublin City FM), FANGS for BramStoker, and Phoenix FM) 4 x Comic Labs @DCAF happened in 2018. The drawing table and comic swop tables are a fun and free …

Bram Stoker

Really looking forward to this one! Stray Lines have been booked to do some live readings for Bram Stoker on the 27th October at 1pm, in the rather salubrious and well-appointed Belvedere House, 6 Great Denmark St, Dublin 1. The marvellous Elida Maiques, Philip Barrett, Paddy Lynch,  Katherine Foyle and I will be performing our creepy …

Special OFFSET edition

Stray Lines made a special OFFSET edition foldout. Is it not lovely? Thank you, Alan Dunne, for the magnificent design.

Red Line Book Festival

Elida, Sarah and I performed a live reading at the Red Line Book Festival in October – highly enjoyable and so well run. A GOOD TIME! Thank you to the lovely Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin and the rest of the team for hosting us so ably. I love to find a new audience; I reckon that’s our main …

St Fin Barre’s Cathedral

I had SO MUCH fun with this rough for a job for Failte Ireland. I’d like to ink and finish it really even though the client “went another way” in the end, like this: