Red Line Book Festival

Elida, Sarah and I performed a live reading at the Red Line Book Festival in October – highly enjoyable and so well run. A GOOD TIME! Thank you to the lovely Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin and the rest of the team for hosting us so ably. I love to find a new audience; I reckon that’s our main task we comic-heads have in front of us at the moment, in this country. We’re just starting to see things open up for us; it’s a great time.

The balance is starting to teeter on the side of fun rather than nerves these days for me at the live readings. This could be the beginning of something!  A new career in the performative arts, perhaps? Flash forward to a demented future Debbie at the karaoke bar, sharing her “talents” with the world.
(I leave you on this menacing note. BE AFEARED WORLD.)